Toxins From Food

Toxins from food: Toxins from harvesting to food production,
processing, storage, preparation, packing, and crockeries and cutleries
used for eating can contribute a lot of toxins.


a. Biological toxins: when food is not cultivated/preserved/cooked it is
prone to some naturally existing toxins such as Molds, fungi,
bacterias, viruses can produce toxins such as mycotoxins (aflatoxins,
deoxynivalenol, patulin, feminizing, ochratoxin A) and alkaloids
(pyrrolizidine alkaloids and glycoalkaloids), salmonella, e coli,
cryptosporidium kind of bacteria can produce harmful toxic
compounds in food to cause serious health issues.


b. Chemical toxins: Unproven adulteration, additives, package
materials produce harmful toxins namely dioxins, bisphenol A, nitrites
and nitrates, arsenic, lead, mercury, nitrosamines, and so on are the top
listed toxins and carcinogens.


The body has a well-defined system to remove the toxins. However
induced toxins created by humans are beyond natural recovery. Hence,
we need scientific and natural forms of detoxification to remove these
harmful toxins and stay healthy