What Happens When TOXINS Enter Your Body?

Our body has essential functions such as biochemical, and physiological functions to
run the whole system in an equilibrium. The TOXINS can disturb important
biochemical processes, constituting an important threat to health.

We need biochemical enzymes and hormones to release and work in every step,
from being happy to angry to sad, from acne-free glowing skin to dark and shiny
hair and to digest food to sleep well. These toxins can interrupt these biological
processes in different levels causing metabolic stress and oxidative stress which
causes inflammation and is the base of all diseases. The damage it can cause to
health is enormous and is the root cause of disorders such as

● Liver disorders caused by toxins of alcohol, bad fats, and sugars

● Kidney diseases caused by toxins accumulation in blood and body fluids

● Cancer due to oxidative damage of DNAs

● Heart diseases from sodium and compounds by processed and preserved goods
● Autoimmune diseases by altered immunity caused by metabolism dysfunction
● Lethargy, fatigue by nutrient malabsorption due to altered GUT

● Ageing and skin acne due to toxin accumulation in the skin.

Though the body has its mechanism to get rid of these TOXINS, in the
the present era of lifestyle and habits needs extra special aid to work efficiently.

Hence periodic detoxification through Nutrition is one such method that has a
background of strong modern scientific and ancient practices and evidence helps
we understand the intensity of requirements to stay healthy and disease-free